I have the right to run red lights -- don't I?
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Scott from Salvagetti had an interesting post on this a few weeks ago, and it got me thinking about Denver cyclists' practice of running red lights (because we occupy the moral high ground or whatever reason we usually come up with).
This morning, it came up again. I ride west on 12th Avenue on my way to work, and I will admit I don't wait at most of the lights if I can help it. If there's a car already waiting at the light, I usually just hang out behind them and wait for the light to change, because the lights on 12th are really short.
Of course, today, I came up on two vehicles waiting at the light at 12th and Downing. I said what the hell and decided to go around them to the right. Of course, just as I got to the right rear tire of the back vehicle, the light changed, so I stopped, not wanting to cause an awkward/dangerous situation when the guy would have to give me room to get around the parallel parked cars on the other side of the intersection.
Well, he just sat there, because oops, I was in his blind spot. I waited, he waited, probably expecting me to pass him. Finally, he slammed on the gas and went. I felt dumb, as I probably should have. Of course, I passed him about four blocks later at another red light, and probably infuriated him further.
I'm sure everyone's got their own take on this situation. Although it doesn't make it legal, I've actually followed Denver bike cops through red lights before.

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