Bike Limbo and Jockeying for Position at Lights
0 comment Wednesday, July 2, 2014 |
Yesterday I had to get a couple five foot long garden stakes to the office. It was pretty easy to roll them into the roll top of my backpack, so I did that.
This made riding to work a little different, as I had to be cautious about how close I rode to parked cars.
What I was not counting on was a girl on a bike behind me jockeying for position at red lights, trying to get around me in the bike lane on 16th Ave. At two consecutive lights she came to a very audible skid stop behind me, I think just to let me know that she was there and possibly because she was annoyed by my size. Hooha.
Myself having a width of five feet, she couldn't zip by me in the bike lane and run the red light like she wanted to. As the second light turned green she entered the traffic lane to pass me, and as we approached 16th Ave. and Broadway, she was now in front of me and running the red light. I just sensed a little aggression and wondered how weird it is that bikers can get annoyed at other bikers, even though every single one of them will tell you they wish everyone was riding a bike.