Mrs. Barker bikes to work.
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This blog post comes from my mother - who recently started commuting by bike. I'm so proud.

So, I have a bike of my very own. I got a new silver/black TREK from the bike shop here, gave it some style by adding a rack so I can keep my back clean, carry things, and a bike lock. I hate to tell you that I have to use my 'reader' glasses to see the numbers on the lock. My bike has a bell, that I haven't had the opportunity to use, except to play with.
Because it was a big expense, I can't go without using it! My family rides RAGBRAI, 8 years now, but not me. I go for the fun of being with them, helping make their week alittle easier, and hear their stories. I rode this summer around Omaha on the trails and on errands. I found that I could bike to places and have the energy to bike back home! So I tried biking to my work and back. It worked out well, so when my first day of school came along, I rode my bike. I live about 12 minutes from work, mostly downhill on the way in- so the return trip has another route! I ride 30 minutes around to avoid the big hill that I so enjoy on the way into work. Today is day 5! 5 more days than I ever thought I'd ride!
I decided biking shouldn't have anything to do with my age (55) but the fact that I am healthy enough, I don't believe that 55 is old and the weather is pretty cool at 7 am, I'll keep biking. My people at work, well ... I'm pretty sure they think I've gone off the deep end! I wear my helmet & bike gloves, take a change of clothes, lunch, and am very careful that I don't take any of the zuchinni left on the staff lounge table, because they are VERY HEAVY!
It is a good experience, and I hope to keep riding while the weather is good. I know my family is excited that I bike to work. One of my boys even met me at work, and he rode home with me- MADE ME RIDE THE BIG HILL, but that's OK, because I know that I CAN ride the hill, didn't walk one step of it!
The advantages for me to bike to work is that it's good for my health, I get to work earlier to avoid the traffic, it has made me more organized, and I save on gasoline for my vehicle. I park my bike in the student rack just outside my window along with 8 or so other bikes.
I don't have any stories of people yelling at me or being rude, no accidents yet. I do worry alittle about accidents, but I am a cautious. Once a squirel dashed out in front of me, and there are hazzards - walnuts. Watch out for them!
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