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Yesterday was foggy. (which I check compulsively, by the way) even had a Heavy Fog Advisory banner across the top of my page. Being from Idaho, and then from Arizona, fog is a new thing for me. Sure I've seen it before, but it never lasted long and it wasn't so thick (giggle). It was a ton of fun to wake up, look out my window and see absolutely nothing, and bike through fog dense enough that I couldn't wear my glasses or see past about four car lengths. Drivers were even more courteous than normal.
Anywho, lately I've been thinking about my morning routine. Which goes a little something like this:
4:00am - Alarm goes off, hit snooze
4:14am - Alarm goes off, hit snooze
4:35am - Alarm goes off, hit snooze
4:44am - Alarm goes off, check
4:47am - Get out of bed
4:50am - Get dressed, pack up
4:55am - Say bye to the cuties in my apartment, enter elevator
4:58am - Watch bus pull up to bus stop from three blocks away
5:00am - Board bus just as it's ready to leave
5:10am - Exit bus, bike to work
5:40am - Change in restroom
6:00am - Work
I'm sure this is not the ideal morning for a cyclist, or anyone else for that matter. You'll notice the absence of eating, drinking, stretching, or personal hygiene. I simply don't get up in time to do any of those things. I set my alarm with them in mind, but my sleepy brain sacrifices them all in the name of a few minutes more sleep without a second thought.
So I need help. How do you guys motivate yourselves to get up and do all kinds of constructive, healthy-type things before heading out on your commute? Are you even able to? I should probably eat a little something and hydrate, and I definitely need to stretch. Any tips? I don't want to eat so much that I'm bogged down, but I should probably get something in my stomach before I exercise for 35 minutes, right? Any good stretches that I should be doing? Things to avoid?
What is your morning routine like? Inquiring, lazy cyclists want to know.

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