Civility on 15th Street
0 comment Thursday, July 10, 2014 |
Thanks to the 40-degree temperatures and relatively dry streets, I was able to take my first after-work more-than-2-or-3-miles joyride of 2008 last night. A couple things:
-As I was cruising down one of the middle lanes of 15th Street headed towards Wynkoop, a guy in a full-size white pickup in the next lane put on his turn signal when I was a couple feet off his back bumper. I was going fast enough where I could have passed him and created an awkward situation where he had to follow me all the way down 15th. He also could have hit the gas and cut in front of me. Instead, I looked up to his side mirror and saw him looking back at me, and I waved him over, tapped my brakes and continued riding behind him for a few blocks. This is the most civil car/bike act I've been a part of in a long time. I almost smiled.
- When you're taking the Cherry Creek bike path detour, there's a pretty healthy chunk of ice on the south side of 13th Avenue at Speer, right after you cross Speer and jump back up onto the sidewalk. I held my breath going over it on my road bike last night, and it could be pretty dicey tomorrow if we get all the snow we're supposed to get.

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