Infinitely better
0 comment Thursday, July 17, 2014 |
Yesterday I spent the best $70 ever at Salvagetti. I finally got around to making my road bike better suited to me. The frame was custom built for someone with very different dimensions than mine - he has a longer torso and shorter legs, I have longer legs and a shorter torso. I've been riding with a normal stem and it makes me have to stretch out a little too much, meaning that I never ride this bike in the city and keep it on the bike path. Now I have a ridiculous looking, but incredibly comfortable stem. I just got home from riding with this change for the first time, and I can report that I've never felt better on ANY bike. I also added a second set of brake levers on the top of my bar to make life a bit easier. I'm so excited to finally be able to ride this bike a whole lot more.