Ha ha ha, oh s%$#
0 comment Wednesday, July 16, 2014 |
I am sitting on my bike in the far right lane on Colfax, waiting for the light to change at Lincoln. When it does, I take advantage of the hill I am sitting on and start cranking, building up some good speed heading west on Colfax. For an entire block, a Toyota 4Runner is in the middle lane driving next to me, and I'm keeping up. How much room is there between me and the SUV in front of me? About enough for a Toyota 4Runner plus eight feet.
The guy is having a hard time getting past me, and I love it, what's faster, a bike or a car, ha ha ha. He gases it, pulls over and squeeeezes in between me and the SUV, leaving me about five feet off his back bumper. I grin big, hoping he can see me in his rearview mirror, and at least acknowledge the superiority of a bicycle in city traffic. Yes, I am feeling good.
Then, the line of cars in front of him stops so someone can turn onto Cleveland Place, he stops, and I just about ram into his rear bumper with about two feet to spare. I am an idiot.
(Courtesy Google Maps)