DC's First Snow Day
0 comment Wednesday, July 16, 2014 |

While Denver is in the midst of a fleeting warm spell, my new home of D.C. is experiencing unseasonably cold weather, and today was our first snow. It was a different kind than I'm used to, Lake Effect Snow. It turns out, when fast North wind cruises over lakes Erie and Ontario, it picks up all the moisture, then hits the Alleghenies and Appalachians, dumping snow all over them. What I didn't know is that the snow would make it this far East, carried by a pretty stiff wind.
So while the snow fell intermittently from passing fronts, and didn't stick on the ground, the cold moist air blew right through the thin suit I was wearing on my way to and from a transit meeting downtown. This was truly snowboard helmet and goggles type of conditions, and I was wholly unprepared for it.
I like to think I'm a stoic about cold conditions, and I feel much more at ease while typing at a keyboard in a warm apartment at midnight than pedaling up a hill into a 32 degree headwind in my granny gear, but it was pretty miserable while I was out today. I'm sure I 'll acclimate soon, and getting my snowboard gear out of storage will help, but I'll tell you one thing that makes it all better, commiserating with your like minded year round cyclist buddies. Here's to another season of hard-headedness.
*in a fun coincidence, Denver's temperature right now is twice what it is here, enjoy it while it lasts.