Cyclist Killed in Virginia Beach
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From The Virginian-Pilot:
A bicyclist was killed this morning when he was hit by an S.U.V. while riding on Shore Drive.
Daniel Wayne Hersh, 54, was riding eastbound on Shore Drive near Starfish Road when he was struck by the right side of a Ford Explorer also traveling east on Shore Drive, said Virginia Beach police spokesman Officer Adam Bernstein.
Hersh, of the 2300 block of Windway Lane in Virginia Beach, was taken to the hospital, but was pronounced dead around 9 a.m.
Alcohol and speed do not appear to have played a role, Bernstein said. No charges have been filed against the woman driving the Explorer, although the crash is still under investigation.
An earlier report states that the Explorer veered into the cyclist.
I didn't know the victim, and I don't live or ride in Virginia Beach, but every cyclist that gets run over feels very near to me. It's probably cheesy, but I think of that poem we read in high school about for whom the bell tolls, and how it's always tolling for us. No matter where it happens a cyclist's death is a blow to our community and I'm sure it's felt sharply all around the world.
I don't understand how there aren't any charges filed, but maybe they need more time to investigate. I'm tempted to jump the gun and lay all the blame on the motorist, especially reading the line about veering right into the cyclist, but I know I'm horribly biased. If it was negligence or something like that I hope steps are taken. Too often it seems that drivers get off virtually scot-free when another human being's life is ended or threatened just because they were on a bicycle.
Be safe out there guys. Helmets and blinking lights will help for sure, but keep your heads up and your eyes open. Ride like they're all out to get you. No amount of reflective material and Styrofoam will be enough to protect you from thousands of pounds of metal and inertia.

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