Things I carry, part two
0 comment Tuesday, June 10, 2014 |
I think I set a personal record for "amount of shit I can fit in my bag without tying grocery bags to the outside of it" at King Soopers on my way home from work tonight. I couldn't believe the tomatoes survived intact, but they did.
Following Josh's lead, here's what's normally in my bag (for the record, it's the Medium Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag, appropriately completely eschewed by bike messengers):

1 Nalgene water bottle
1 beanie
1 frame pump
1 trash bag
1 copy Denver Municipal Code, Chap. 54, Article IX (Bicycles) (I think I gave Josh this idea -- you can see mine's more beat up than his)
1 legal pad
2 manila envelopes with printed articles and research stuff
1 copy of Harper's
1 copy of Elephant
1 reporter's notebook
1 padded mailing envelope (for padding)
1 24-pack Crayola crayons
1 sunglasses case
1 pair liner gloves
1 Gorilla Pod tripod
1 iPod
2 reflective ankle bands
iPod cable
100 feet (approximately) of duct tape
1 memo-size notepad
4 packs triple antibiotic ointment
Business cards
2 tire levers
1 pump adapter
1 Park Tool 3 Way Hex Wrench
1 Park Tool Glueless Patches
2 tabs of Gas-X (pffrrrt)
4 AA batteries
5 AAA batteries
Park Tool Multi-Spoke wrench
3 ball-point pens
1 Band-Aid
1 front light
1 rear light
1 digital camera
And on my way home from work tonight, I squeezed in:

4 pounds frozen strawberries
32 ounces vanilla yogurt
8 bananas
4 oranges
1 pound frozen blueberries
5 hot house tomatoes
4 gala apples