Bikers Jockeying for Position at Red Lights
0 comment Wednesday, June 11, 2014 |
In the world of bike commuting, it's pretty normal to see a biker ride along a line of cars waiting for a red light, and then pull in front of that line of cars as they themselves wait for the light to turn green.
Never would you see a car do this to another car, because there's an understood respect for waiting your turn. Unfortunately this respect does not always cross car/bike boundaries, but the other day I found out that it doesn't even cross the bike/bike boundary.
On two separate occasions as I made my way down 16th street on my bike, this biker...

decided that at each red light he would pull directly in front of me and try to track stand, eventually ending up a quarter into the lane of cross traffic. Upon green light, he would then proceed at an extremely slow rate, allowing me to pass him until the next red light where all of this would take place again.
Finally at the third intersection I stopped way back (as seen in the photo above), so I could get his photo. As you can see, the car in the bike lane forced him into the front of the "auto" lane where he was honked at almost immediately.