Thoughts on Bike Commuting
0 comment Thursday, May 1, 2014 |
Today I had to drive to my internship down in Larkspur (south of Castle Rock) and for the entire hour that I sat in my Subaru Forester I thought about my bikes. I love bike commuting. I love riding on Franklin over I-25 at 8:40AM on a Tuesday and chuckling to myself as the cars below sit in traffic and I gaze dreamily at the mountains and clouds. I enjoy pedaling as hard as I can to try and keep up with traffic. I also like going slowly in my bike lane, without the aggravation and irritation that so quickly builds when one is behind a wheel. I love the fact that I spend very little money on gasoline and as such, feel as if I am not a huge part of the reason that some individuals are yelling "Drill, baby, Drill!" I enjoy waving at other bikers, or just nodding my head, in a way that you only find in drivers on dirt roads in the country - not in Denver. I love that I am self-propelled. I love that I can take the lesser traveled road. I love that I can stop in Wash Park when I hit the flower garden, pull out some grapes and have a snack. I love bike commuting.

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