Sending winter cyclists a message
0 comment Wednesday, April 30, 2014 |
This sign isn't on 16th Avenue because the city didn't plow any of the snow out of the bike lane (of course they didn't). It was because of construction. 16th was horrendous, 12th Avenue was pretty bad, and I said the hell with it and got out my old beater mountain bike today for my commute to work. I was biking east on 16th when I came upon this sign, and I had been taking the lane anyway all the way up 16th, because it was safer to do that than slide around in the packed snow, potentially falling into traffic.
While I was biking in the lane, some guy in an old blue Subaru wagon with a Board Room sticker on it was following about a foot behind me for almost a block and he finally passed me, giving me about six inches. Thanks, pal, whoever you are.

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