And I thought I was crazy
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The roads were a bit sketchy after work to say the least. When I was leaving, a coworker asked me why I wasn't taking the bus home. I said "Because I have to show people they can ride in all conditions." I then followed with a "...or die a martyr."
Fast forward 3 minutes and I'm sliding all over the place in downtown Denver, wondering if I'm going to eat shit or not.
This is 17th street in downtown Denver at 5:30pm

Then at the corner of 16th and Park Ave. West, I see none other than Josh Barker riding up Park Ave. in heavy traffic. I give a fist pump and a "Rock on Barker" (the only thing I could think of at the time) and as he fist pumped back, he almost ate shit in the road and gave me a "Woa!" Way to be Barker.
The roads got progressively more snowpacked the further from downtown Denver I rode.

This is the finished product that's now melting in my living room.

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