Shameless Trek Product Placement
0 comment Sunday, May 25, 2014 |
Today's Denver Post focused on the growing business of scrap metal with global commodity prices soaring. What the casual reader may have missed was the blatant product placement:

Now I don't know what kind of remuneration the post gets for stacking their photo deck with Treks, but it's not going to work on us!
Ok, bad joke. If this doesn't speak volumes to the durability of the 1991 Trek 820, I don't know what would. I was even inspired to check out the reviews, and what do you know, the 820 stands the test of time.
It's easy to forget that the highest per capita bike commuters are guys like the ones featured in this article, hard luck cases who get by day to day because they have a functional set of wheels. It's nice to see a machine that can be that reliable day in and day out... Way to build 'em Trek.

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