If You're Gonna Go, Do A Sommersault
0 comment Sunday, May 25, 2014 |
On my way back from the longest running Thursday night dinner ride of its type in the Rocky Mountain Region, I came down the ramp from Wynkoop onto the Cherry Creek Bike path. I wish I had read Josh's blog before I did this, because when I got to the bottom and was turning ever so slightly, the whole bike went out from under me. All my childhood ninja training came back in an instant. I landed on my right shoulder, but as I made contact, I rolled over that shoulder, tucked my head and landed apparently with most the impact on my foot and right knee. No harm, no foul.
One thing not often appreciated about riding in bad conditions is that you sometimes crash, and doing this makes you not afraid to crash again, and that gets you through some bad spots where someone less experienced would try to brake or slow down out of fear of crashing, and then crash because they were slow and wobbly.
That's my story at least, and I'm sticking to it.