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Last night I settled a debate that has been going on for ages: which is faster in a city, cars or bikes? I am happy to report that the answer is bikes. Start spreading the news, tell all your friends with cars to sell em and pick up a new bike at Salvagetti.
I met my parents and some of their friends for dinner last night. They drove, I rode. The restaurant we planned on eating at was closed, so we had to figure out where else to eat. The place they decided upon was 2 miles away. They told me to lock up my bike and drive with them, figuring that they would be getting the check by the time I made it there on my bike. At first, I acquiesced, figuring that they were probably right. As were were walking to their car, however, I quickly changed my mind, unlocked my bike, and told them I would see them at the restaurant.
I am pleased to say that I made it to the restaurant 30 seconds before them. I was on my SS 29er, which is not the fastest bike in the world, so I had to pedal like crazy in order to get there in time. This insane spinning meant that I was ridiculously sweaty and kind of gross by the time I arrived at the restaurant, but it was all worth it. I don't think my parents will be commuting by bike anytime soon, but I was happy that I proved to them that I can get around just like a car....