Product review: Specialized MTB Sport shoes
0 comment Monday, May 26, 2014 |
So, I think three years is ample time to really test a product. It is rare that anything bike-related can stand up to three years of pretty much daily abuse/use. I love these shoes so much - I decided to get a new pair. Yep, the exact same shoe. Sure, Specialized updated some things and improved on some things. Here's of rundown of why these shoes are awesome:
1. Great shoe for people with flat feet
2. For some reason, I'm can always find my size (48 euro, 14 us) - which is rare
3. Nicely recessed cleat. 3 years - same set of cleats
4. All day comfort (2 ragbrais - no soreness)
5. Straps never broke, cracked, or ripped (velcro still makes the velcro sound)
Noticable improvements Specialized has made (2004 model vs 2007 model):
1. Better planned strap length. The new model has shorter straps - which allows more velcro-to-velcro surface connection area (anybody know what the two sides of velcro is called?)
2. This time I bought them in black, and not a strange blue/purple combo.
3. The heal. The 2004 model had a strange "lip" inside the heal. It took a little to break it in. The 2007 model is smoother.
4. New shoes smell less
It's rare that gear lasts this long with no issues or breakdowns. Send us reviews of your products that have out-lived your expectations.