0 comment Friday, May 30, 2014 |
I was just going to post a comment, but then I remembered I had this picture:

There are so many things right with it, I don't know where to begin... First, any picture of Brendan squatting is bound to be a classic. But we are also informed that Fifty Cent is Vitamin Water's chief chemist! That's the last of that I'm drinking.
Thanks for helping me out this morning Brendan, my arm was definitely complaining at having to do any work.
So in the spirit of BTWD, or as Brendan called it, "amateur day", I have one sighting that just sums up the whole experience. I was entering the Cherry Creek path on 14th as I do most every day, when I saw it, a guy had dropped down the ramp, but he didn't know which way he was supposed to go, so he pulls into the path perpendicular to it, plants his feet, and digs a map of his pocket, unfolds it, and starts investigating. Meanwhile, the other nascent commuters are timidly trying to navigate around on the extra foot of path he left on either side of his bike. Someone finally stopped to yell at him. I just stood, mouth agape, as I watched this scene unfold.
I hope you all got a chance to fill up on schwag. This winter let's organize a Winter BTWD to reward people who actually deserve it!