Bye Bye Vespa
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Earlier this summer I got a scooter, and ever since that day I haven't been the greatest bike commuter. I still rode my bike nearly every day, but not as often and with a little less joy. Often times when riding my bike to work, tired and sweaty, I would think to myself "damn, I really should have taken the scooter today....". Perhaps the bike gods were reading my thoughts and deemed it necessary for me to rely solely on self-propelled transportation for a little while; my scooter was stolen from in front of my house yesterday.
I was so incredibly angry when I got home yesterday and saw that my scooter was missing. I kept thinking about all of the fun times that I had had with it. I thought to myself "how the hell am I going to get to work tomorrow morning?". Then I remembered that I had a bike. Several bikes, in fact. Several bikes that have been neglected lately. Several bikes that are in perfect working order and would love to be ridden to work. So I'm not going to allow myself to be bummed out about this anymore. I'm going to get on my bike in a minute and enjoy the hell out of the ride. I'll arrive to work refreshed and energized - a lot more so than if I had taken a scooter. So, I'm trying to look at this as a blessing in disguise and a chance to get back on my bikes more often!
I will also be locking my bike with two locks today, up from one, and I will be doing so for a while. I really sucks having your transportation stolen from you. If I get a replacement scooter I won't be relying on it as much as I had and I will continue to ride and appreciate my bikes!

If you see this scooter, please beat up the rider.

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