Excuse Me, but Your Forklift is Parked in the Bike Lane
0 comment Monday, May 12, 2014 |
Great morning for a commute! Being so warm, I felt silly in my goggles, so I took them off, and had a really nice ride down the now ice-free Cherry Creek Bike Path. I got off at Wynkoop as per usual, but on the other side of the train trestle, there was a new obstacle... a construction forklift. I thought he may have left enough room to get around, but nope, the business end of the thing was sticking two large molybdenum steel daggers right across my bike's path. I dismounted and walked over the hazard, contemplating a photograph or a slapped on "I Parked In A Bike Lane" Sticker. I decided since it had no windows, it was probably a waste of a good sticker. I may still get my picture, time permitting.
The ironic part is that this construction project which has taken over the other side of the bike lane for the past 10 months is aiming to be a LEEDs Gold Certified apartment building. I know that they will probably get points towards their ratings goal for being close to the bike path, since that is an "alternate means" of transportation´┐Ż I guess taking over a bike lane for your construction equipment and blocking the egress from the bike path while you build your LEEDs Gold building is immaterial, right?

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