Blue Steel
0 comment Sunday, May 11, 2014 |
I have a shocking confession: I'm not an ambi-dismounter - I can't dismount right. Yes, it's true, I have to get off the left side of my bike. This isn't a big deal, but there are just times that I'd really like to get off my bike to the right. For example, when I get to my building, I get off the left and then walk around the bike in order to hold the door open as I walk my bike inside. This isn't normally all that annoying, but if I'm riding my Jamis with the front basket fully loaded, it can be quite precarious to try to walk around the bike while balancing all of my groceries.
Yesterday I decided to learn how to be an ambi-dismounter. I only got off the ride side of my bike. Predictably, I fell twice, most notably in front of a large group of people. Both times I jumped up quickly and flashed the onlookers a quick Blue Steel and walked away. Way classy.

*I apologize to anyone who has not seen Zoolander. You are probably confused.