The longest bike commute... EVER
0 comment Monday, May 12, 2014 |
This weekend, along with 3,100 other riders, I did the MS 150: a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis that runs from Westminster to Fort Collins and then back. We took the scenic route which was quite pleasant. Here were some of my highlights.
  • One of my "teammates" forgot to bring a helmet on Saturday so we had to search out a loaner for him. I love the idea of a "loaner helmet."
  • I did some networking with a lady from DU Disabilities Services, with whom I would love to coordinate some climbing trips.
  • They had lots of bananas. I love bananas.
  • Spandex.
  • One dude had a Surly Big Dummy with about 80lbs of stereo equipment. Hot.
  • I got sunburned in two little spots on my forehead where the sun's rays escaped my helmet's furious protection.
  • In some ways it was like an exaggerated (and scarier) version of BTWD. Lots of folks, many unexperienced - ALL having a BLAST!
  • Per Josh, I chatted with lots of folks and met lots of great people.
  • There were at least 100 mountain bikers. Brutal.
  • Nearly everyone had gears
  • The bike parking set up at CSU was UNREAL. 3,000 bikes in a corral, ordered by race number. We all wore race numbers on our shirts (most people had jerseys, I went plain cotton T) and you had to show your number to get your bike. I took notes for the next bikedenver event.
  • My bike made it with no flats, noises or wrecks.
  • My body made it with no flats, noises or wrecks.
  • One of my "teammates" spent most of the ride in the middle of the road, regardless of access to bike lanes, traffic or people on her left. She was very upset when she was buzzed by a driver.
  • The last rest stop of the entire event had orange cheese and peanut butter crackers. HOLLER!
  • Brendan, Emily, Jayson, Nick and I went to Sweet Tomatoes after all was said and done and I guarantee I ate my money's worth.
  • All told, I think if I got a job in Fort Collins, I think I'd have to drive, at least some days.