Colfax has its own set of rules
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In the last block of my ride to work this morning, Colfax was pretty calm (since I was about 15 minutes late). I got a green light and Lincoln, and the light at Broadway turned green immediately afterward, which was good, because I try to maintain a pretty decent speed on Colfax so as to not impede traffic.
I was in the far right lane, and there was a Nissan Frontier in the far left lane, leaving an empty lane between us. We're both going nearly 20, about even with each other, when suddenly, a guy in a motorized wheelchair rolls up to the median separating Colfax on the west side of Broadway. He looks at the truck, looks at me, decides it's worth the risk and shoots across the remaining half of Colfax at 5 mph.

The truck hits its brakes, I hit my brakes, mumbling, "whoa?" and I almost come to a complete stop waiting for the guy to reach the other side of the street. He must have been late for the bus that was stopped at the corner, ready to head south on Broadway. In the past two years, I think I have now been cut off by someone using nearly every single mode of human transportation, including, off the top of my head:
-moped/scooter (riding in the bike lane on 16th Avenue)
-taxi (also in the bike lane, 16th Avenue)
-RTD bus (also in the bike lane, 16th Avenue)
-delivery truck
-baby stroller (bike lane)
Actually, no, that's not true. People on pedicabs, skateboards, roller skates and unicycles have always been good to me.
My reactions are getting a lot better, though. A couple years ago, I'd get really angry. Now, I just laugh.

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