Selling Stuff
0 comment Thursday, May 15, 2014 |
There is a time in every avid cyclist's life where they must cull the herd. In days gone by, this was done with the classifieds, a dark period indeed, so I feel lucky to live in the baroque period of Craigslist. I recently acquired a Black Sheep in need of repair, so I sold off the cherry components on Craigslist to fund the work, a surprisingly easy series of sales, and now the bike is getting new chainstays.
Our own Nick Nunns recently put up his Soma Fixie on the block. Sam sold his Bob Jackson* a few months back (I think on CL, but maybe ebay), and I'm currently selling off a cruiser, and probably my fixie in advance of moving to Washington DC.
All in all, I love Craigslist, but I have had some issues with this cruiser. I first posted it this morning, and by the time I got to work it had been flagged. I reposted, as there was nothing wrong with the post, flagged again. So now I've posted for the third time, hoping someone isn't going to flag it again.
Here's my theory on what happened. One guy emailed this morning offering $65 less than my modest asking price. I think once he did that, he immediately flagged it so no one else would see the ad, and he would appear to be the only bidder. If anyone else has any thoughts, the only things non-standard about the post were the embedded images from Picasa, and the link to an online wholesaler who had the bike listed for $425 (mine was priced at $415 - and it's essentially brand new).
This is the one problem with Craigslist, it's free, so whatever happens, you can't complain, and you don't have any recourse but to repost and cross your fingers that there's not some online tormentor waiting to antagonize you. Of course, this is the exception to the normal smooth operation of this fine system.
In closing, Craigslist has become integral to those of us who own and ride multiple bikes, and has created, without any cost, an efficient marketplace for all things bike related. Despite my recent troubles, I love it, and can't imagine a world without it. Three cheers for Craigslist.
*I originally said Sam sold a Jack Taylor, which is another English bike manufacturer. Indeed it was his Bob Jackson grass track racer that he sold.