The benefits of the same daily commute
0 comment Wednesday, May 14, 2014 |
I have all the stoplights timed on my route both to and from work. I know when to ride slow and when to kick it into gear to assure that I take the path of least resistance.
If I wait for a green light at Colfax and Elizabeth which is two blocks from my house, I can tell you the one place I'll have to put my foot down - 15th and Cleveland.
I can hit every green light on 16th Avenue from East High School to Broadway by taking it easy or pedaling like there's no tomorrow. After I stop at 15th and Cleveland for a quick breather (this light is always red), I bike north up 15th Street to Blake, where my office is located, hitting green lights and walk signals the whole way.
It's all about timing, kind of like Marty and the bolt of lightning into the flux capacitor. 1.21 gigawatt action. For reference, 85 mph is the optimum bike speed, but if you go over 85, your bike disintegrates and leaves a single streak of fire on the pavement.