Stop Rampant Buffalo Wing Assault - Call Your State Senator
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Here's something I think you should do. Call your state senator and ask them to support SB - 148, sponsored by watermelon farmer, Cat-3 cyclist, and State Senator, Greg Brophy.
There are some great parts to this bill, one under threat of being cut is the mandatory 3-foot passing space when a driver is passing a cyclist. The other parts deal with stricter penalties for throwing objects at cyclists or other endangering behavior, and simplifies rules regarding two abreast riding (which Josh and I have blogged about before).
I have a horror story regarding bad motorist behavior. When I was about 19, riding in Las Vegas, I was stopped at a light waiting for the change, when out of nowhere some creep in a panel van hucked a half eaten buffalo wing at me. Sadly, it hit me square in the chest, and I was revolted. If I'd had a gun on my bike, as Brendan has proposed in the past, it surely would have ended badly. I would have at least liked to know that had they been apprehended, there would be some stiff penalty and jailtime awaiting them.

So call your state senators, and tell them to vote for this, and together we can put an end to buffalo wing related bicycle violence.
Here's the Plea:
Please Contact Your State Senator
-Proposed 3 feet-to-pass under attack-
The 2009 Colorado Bicycle Safety Bill will be voted on by the State Senate possibly as soon as this Friday, Feb. 13. This bill will help protect bicyclists on roads and makes it easier for motorists to pass bicyclists safely. Opponents are trying to remove the 3 feet safe passing distance.
Here's how you can help:
1. Call or email the State Senator from your district:
Suggested points to put into your own words-
-I encourage you to support Senate Bill 148
-Please keep the 3 foot safe passing distance
-I believe this bill will improve road safety
**This is a State Bill, please do not contact Federal Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet**
2. Forward this message to riding friends, family, and people who care about road safety. Include this on your blog/club website/networking site.
Colorado Bicycle Bill Passes First Vote
On Tuesday, February 10, Senate Bill 148 passed the Senate Transportation Committee on a 6-0 vote! The Larimer County Sheriff's Office and the Colorado Road Carriers Association (trucking) testified against giving bicyclists a safe distance of at least three feet. We expect an amendment on the Senate floor to try to strip the 3 foot buffer out of the bill. Your help can make the difference to keep 3 feet alive. Please follow the steps above.
About Senate Bill 148
Bicycle Colorado is leading efforts to improve safety on Colorado roads. Senate Bill 148 will help accomplish this goal. Sponsored by Senator Greg Brophy (R) and Representative Michael Merrifield (D) and a host of bipartisan co-sponsors, the bill makes it easier for motorists to safely pass bicyclists, allows bicyclists to ride where it is safe, simplifies the two abreast rule, and creates penalties for dangerous actions directed at bicyclists. Full details and text of the bill are on our website.

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