Random observation
0 comment Thursday, April 17, 2014 |
I am guilty of road rage.
There I said it.
My name is Eric and I am a road rager.
It all stems from the frustration that traffic causes. I can't get from point A to point B as fast as I would like therefore I get angry. The farther I have to go on city streets, the more intense my road rage gets.
This is why I ride a bike. Well that's not the only reason (I recall referring to myself a cheap bastard a few weeks ago). The bike is fun and the ride is calming. But I still get frustrated at times. And yes, I have even pulled out the middle finger a few times.
But what does this do? The guy who is on the receiving end of the obscene gesture is probably also frustrated with factors outside of my existence. He or she then returns the bird and goes on thinking he did nothing wrong. Nothing is accomplished other than furthering anger and flaring tempers.
Several years ago I sped down an on ramp to enter the interstate. A semi blocked my entry into the driving lane by what I perceived to be the driver's acceleration. So I continued along the shoulder and sped in front of him and hung my middle finger high out the window. I went into the subway off the next exit only to be shoved from behind into the chip stand. The driver had followed me there with the intention of knocking some sense into me. I escaped harm with the help of some state troopers.
What does this have to do with bicycling?
A lot.
Road rage affects us all. Whether it is an angry cab driver attacking a cyclist or a bike rider calling a driver a fat ass road rage can be dangerous and even deadly no matter who starts is.
I was walking down the street in front of my apartment an hour ago when I saw a woman flipping off the driver in front of her. I can only imagine how this woman was wronged by the other driver.
In response the man returned the signal and both drivers went along their way. And I went home and laughed about the situation realizing how silly I must look when I get mad in traffic.
I think I will try to remain calm while riding my bike from now on.