Ice Acrobatics
0 comment Thursday, April 17, 2014 |
I was riding around last night after returning some merch to REI, and while headed East on 17th in that loose snow crap on the side of the lane, I hit a patch of just covered glare ice. While normally this isn't a problem, the crumby snow had me a little off balance and the bike starts kicking out to my left. On my way down, I somehow unclipped my shoe (yay Eggbeaters!) and planted my heel on the ice while holding the handlebar with my left hand. I kept the bike from slamming on the ground and after a couple of weird one legged hops I got my other foot out and regained my balance.
I gave a thumbs up to the car that had just seen this, and enjoyed it as the next car spun their wheels on the same thing I hit. I re-mounted, and all was in order. With enough ice riding, I just may get used to this sort of thing.