A brief chat on a busy street
0 comment Friday, April 18, 2014 |
Last Friday, riding home from work heading south on Race Street, I pulled up to the stoplight at the intersection with Colfax. Across the street and four lanes of traffic away was another cyclist, waiting to cross Colfax. I recognized her as Emily Latta, bike enthusiast and barista extraordinaire at St. Mark's. This was our conversation:
Me, yelling in between cars speeding by on Colfax: "YEEEEEAAAAH!"
Emily, yelling across the street: "Hey, friend!"
Me: "Are you going to work?"
At this point, the light turns green and we both start pedaling slowly, each with a car following.
Emily: "No. Hey, ride at 9:00 tonight."
Me: "Awww, I gotta get up early. Sorry."
We could have stopped in the middle of Colfax to continue the conversation, but we didn't. Apparently neither of us wanted to pass up the green light and wait for the other one on the other side of Colfax, either. That was it.

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