Fall is Here
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Fall wasted no time in showing up here in Colorado. A week ago, it was unthinkable that we�d have a day where the high did not break 60 degrees, but apparently that�s what will happen today. All week I�ve been in denial, but as I pulled on my smartwool ski socks this morning, I accepted the truth. What a downer.
We did get a little generosity from Mother Nature, she gave us labor day as a final reminder of summer. A few of us bloggers got together for some mountain biking up at Buffalo Creek. It turned out to be a pretty fantastic day with a respectable vegetarian Labor Day BBQ as a reward (I brought the artichokes).
From Mountain Biking Buffalo CreekJosh with a bag of corn husks
But since this is a blog about commuting, I have to tie it in somehow, and that�s with my bike. I re-tired my Trek 520, all around fantastic commuter / touring bike with Continental Twister cross tires, and rode the single track in Buffalo Creek. Nick Nunns was also riding one of his commuting bikes, his Kona 29er, now rigged as a 9 speed.
From Mountain Biking Buffalo CreekNick, Josh, Brendan, Nick, Will
Pretty much everyone was on a bike they use for some type of commuting, except for Josh, who brought his college bike, a steel frame / fork iron horse mountain bike. Josh is kind of tall and uses a lot of seatpost, and even on this large frame, Josh "looked like he was riding a Bike Friday" according to Nick.
From Mountain Biking Buffalo CreekJosh assembling his Bike Friday. Look at that Seatpost!
I�m happy to report that the 520 was a riot as a cross racer. I could have used a little bit wider tread for the uphill. Buff Creek is pretty full of ruts and pea gravel, and on the longer grinds, it felt like I was sending more gravel downhill than bike uphill. Aside from that, I�m pretty happy with my "does anything" bike.
One cheerful thing about fall, cyclocross season starts now. I�m a big fan, mainly because unlike the collegiate crits and road races I�ve done over the past two years, cross races often have a beer garden somewhere on premises (usually in the bed of somebody�s pickup), and beer drinking is a much more important aspect to the sport. I�m planning on dusting the wheels off at Brecktoberfest next weekend if anyone wants to tag along. I can take three with bikes, and will be racing 4�s. If you don't have a cross bike, who cares, put some knobby tires on whatever you have, that's the beauty of cyclocross. Happy fall.

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