Fake Nick Spotting
0 comment Tuesday, April 22, 2014 |
I was riding NorthWest on the Cherry Creek Bike Path yesterday. It was about 6:00, and the sun was pretty bright. I saw what I thought was a familiar helmet and sunglasses combo, those of Nick B. The rider's pant legs were rolled up, and he had a backpack on. As I passed, I yelled "Hey!" pretty loudly, and got the look of recognition. I slowed down and whipped a U-turn, chasing the cyclist up the switchback ramp at about 6th and Lincoln.
It was then that I realized why Nick hadn't stopped, this was not Nick. I just yelled at and chased some random guy trying to ride home. He gave me a confused look as I stopped halfway up the switchback, doing my best to shuffle my shoes and look downwards in the "I meant to turn around and chase you for no reason" way. I probably should have yelled, "wrong dude, my bad" but he was gone before I could think of it, likely fleeing the crazed cyclist below.
If you are reading this dude, I'm sorry I inexplicably yelled at, then chased you.