Times I Don't Bike
0 comment Saturday, September 6, 2014 |
Yesterday I made the conscious decision not to bike somewhere within three miles of my house. I came rode home from work at about 1:30, put my bike away, found my car keys, and drove to my endodontist's office. (The entirety of my adventures in radical dentistry are the result of being a bad-ass 13 year old rollerblading in a dry drainage canal as if it was a half pipe.)
Generally, I like to ride everywhere, and last week I did ride up there, and had to get some light surgery on my gum stemming from yet another dead root. It was bleeding quite a bit, even when I left, and my attempts to stuff gauze in my lip as I was riding down Cherry Creek were not going well. I'm sure I looked like a frightening mess, and it really took the joy out of cycling, a trait which I hold so dear.
So for my second visit, the actual drilling, I drove it in. This time actually went a lot better, not nearly as much blood, but for once, and you'll hardly ever hear me say this, I was glad I drove.