The Pack Mule
0 comment Thursday, September 25, 2014 |
So Saturday night, circumstances which could have nearly-rationally called for a car were presented. Ever stubborn (and dumb), I refused. My wife and I had to:
a) transport a pie about 5.5 miles
b) transport about 30 pounds of camping and climbing gear to the same place
c) feed some cats (Josh's) about .75 mile off that route
So we rigged the pie (inside a padded box) onto my new Old Man Mountain rack and I strapped on the backpack.
It was kind of a bitch, if you can believe that. The hardest thing? Steering. The weight of the pack pushing down on my hands really made it difficult to make any remotely tight turn. It also felt like all the weight was bearing down on my choad. However, the entire ride passed without incident, except for my rear flasher falling off the pie in Cherry Creek's lush, exquisite traffic.