The Old Colfax U-turn Trick
0 comment Thursday, September 11, 2014 |
This morning was one of the few mornings I actually sat and waited for the light to change at Colfax and Sherman. Usually, when I need to cross (or make a left turn onto) Colfax or some other intermittently busy 4-lane street, I have a little trick that probably saves zero time, but keeps my bike in motion, which makes me feel better. As far as I know, it's completely legal.
Instead of waiting for the light to change so I can make a left turn, I do the following:
1. Assuming there's no traffic coming from the left (eastbound), make a right turn (on red) onto Colfax.
2. Ride east while waiting for westbound cars to pass. Make a U-turn when it's safe.
3. Ride west. Hopefully, the light hasn't changed by this point, or I've just screwed myself.
(You'll have to pretend there are no cars on the street in this Google Maps screenshot.)