Revenge? and Places not to park in NYC, part I
0 comment Saturday, September 20, 2014 |
This morning I took Napi for a stroll around my hood. A few blocks in, as we approached an intersection, I spotted a dog across the street who had not to long ago attacked me while I biked to school. He's the kind of dog you might like to drop kick or remove his vocal chords with excitement. He barked at Napi, who stood honorably by my side, and suddenly took off running in our direction. The nice lady walking her dog sans leash yelled "Bonita! Bonita!" (I can only assume this was the dog's name and not a pet name for me.) The dog did not listen and bolted into the street (a quiet one this time of day) just as cars flew by, one from each direction. The dog somehow froggered through the cars unscathed and got to our curb, barking furiously. As Napi and I walked on, disturbed by the event, I wondered to myself: would I have been happy - with a smug sense of revenge - if that dog had been hit as payment for the bike attack months earlier.
On another note, a friend passed along this photo as a great place NOT to park your bike in NYC.

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