Curse of Gears
0 comment Saturday, September 20, 2014 |
20 minutes after I gushed over my geared bike with a friend, saying how much I loved it and how great it feels to go so fast, something happened that reminded me of why I own 3 single-speeds and only one geared bike. As I rode to work after picking up some lunch, I started to feel something strange with every rotation of my pedals, and it got bad really quick. All of a sudden, my chain fell off and got stuck between the cassette and the spokes and I had to stop very quickly. I figured I could fix this very easily, but no. The second I undid the quick release to 'fix' it, I remembered that I am useless when it comes to fixing anything. It ended up taking me 15 minutes to put back together (granted, it probably would have taken someone more mechanically inclined 30 seconds) and I ended up being drenched in sweat and absolutely covered in grease - something that isn't very nice when you have to sit in an office all day.
So, while I will continue to ride my 20 speed and enjoy its speed, I will never stop appreciating my hassle free single-speeds.

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