Product Review: Hokey Spokes
0 comment Wednesday, September 3, 2014 |
Hokey Spokes are just about the greatest thing ever invented. Want proof? Look:

After riding through Wash Park last night I've decided that Hokey Spokes are the best for: impressing stoned teenagers, amazing children and scaring dogs.
The good: they can change designs as you ride, display text messages (I'm thinking "don't hit me" would be good), they greatly increase your visibility from the side, and they're tons of fun.
The bad: they're loud, they're kind of heavy (the three on my wheel weigh about a pound), and they are incredibly ugly during the day when they're not on.
Verdict: not the best for a road bike or anything made to go fast. Best for cruisers, grocery bikes, bar bikes, beater bikes and the like.

*It's really hard to take pictures of Hokey Spokes. These pictures do not do them justice*

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