Overflowing With Bikes
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I just moved in to Karen's apartment on Saturday on account of us getting married this coming weekend, and it forced me to collect all my bikes and bike stuff from the basement where they had been living, and put them all in one place. I am now confronted with their multitude.
I have seven at present, a single speed, a tandem, a cyclocross racer, a steel road bike, an aluminum road bike, a steel mountain bike, and an aluminum/carbon mountain bike. It's kind of a lot. I have had plans to sell the CX bike and the AL/C MTB, but wedding planning and having a blast got the better of my summer. I think five will be a reasonable number to have and maintain, especially since I have been known to race in four disciplines, it seems to be the smallest number I should have to keep my options open.
To get a few other things off my mind, Kanye, though a total inappropriate jerk, was right. Beyonce's video was way better than Taylor Swift's. But that's what MTV gets for cultivating an audience of tasteless children while alienating all of us who once upon a time thought we might see a music video by tuning into Music Television. Seriously, do they show anything besides Twilight previews and horrid retreads of old reality shows? Beyonce's video is a minimalist display of ingenious lighting and choreography, not easily appreciated by young minds lacking a full catalogue of videos in their brain against which to compare.
Taylor Swift's video, by contrast is a saccharine sweet ode to the old tale of the ugly duckling set against the backdrop of a high school football / suburban drama. If I were a 14 year old girl, I would pick this video. However, as someone who spent thousands of daytime hours in the Las Vegas summer cowering inside from the searing heat under the cool electric glow of MTV's video broadcasts, I have the experience to know better. See for yourself, and let me know if you agree.
And you thought this blog was just about biking... it also covers important social phenomenon.
PS: I may be biased against any media that maligns the talent and efforts of cheerleaders. My sister was a highly accomplished "flyer" on her cheer squad in high school and in college (Go App State!), was recognized repeatedly for her talent and dedication, and incurred a variety of serious injuries in a testament to her daring fearlessness. Portraying them as the villainous airhead in a childish music video does a disservice to the thousands of cheerleaders who compete in this full contact, spectacular sport.

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