Bike-friendly dress code
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So I had a job interview today -- basically for a new position at my current employer. I figured I'd dress up for the occasion, and see if my friend's "I can't bike to work; I have to dress up ... I wear a tie" excuse was valid at all.
Question No. 13 on the BikeDenver Bike-Friendly Business nomination form is "Does your workplace have a cyclist-friendly dress code?" Which my workplace does -- I wear a t-shirt and jeans 95 percent of the time. But biking in a tie is no big deal. I imagine it would be less of a problem if I hadn't bought this collared shirt at a thrift store and it actually fit my neck -- as is, I'm basically slightly choking and cutting off some circulation while wearing it. (And I have to roll up the sleeves, since they're too short for my arms. I hope most people interpret this as the classic campaign trail "not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do some work" move.)
I got to thinking how functional (vs. fashionable) my closet has become since I started biking everywhere. I own few "business casual" clothing items, and the ones I do own are almost exclusively old and secondhand. Today's "job interview" clothes, por ejemplo:
Shirt: 6 years old, purchased at a Goodwill store in Cedar Falls, Iowa
Shoes (not the ones in the photo): 7 years old, purchased new for a wedding in May 2001 and worn in my wedding last summer
Pants: 2 years old, purchased new
Tie: 1 year old, purchased during an emergency when Nick B. was out of town and was unable to lend me a tie for some occasion
Socks: Sugoi cycling socks, Christmas gift 2007

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