Indeed it is a nice day
0 comment Friday, September 5, 2014 |
I took the scenic route home from work today, from downtown to the Cherry Creek bike path, south to Washington Park, did a loop and came back to my place on Capitol Hill. I said hi to everybody I passed on a bike, except those wearing headphones, and I had a couple semi-lengthy conversations about the weather (great, a little windy) and the air quality (full of smoke and pollen) with two different gentlemen.
At the north entrance to Washington Park, traffic on Virginia gets pretty heavy around 5:00. Both lanes of cars stopped to let a pedestrian cross Virginia onto Marion, and then I came rolling up and was going to wait, because the guy coming from the right (no stop sign) looked like he wasn't going to stop and there were about 10 cars behind him, but then the guy on the left (no stop sign) did stop and there were about 10 cars behind him, but I was stopped with my foot on the ground, oh, what the hell, guy on the right is going to stop about halfway out into the street so I'll just go for it. Sometimes traffic can be really confusing for everyone involved.