Different philosophies
0 comment Friday, September 5, 2014 |
This morning, I pulled up to the stoplight on 12th Avenue at Logan just as it was turning red. I've never sat there and actually timed one of these lights, but I think they take between 20 and 30 seconds to change (somebody correct me if that's wrong). Since I'm waiting at all red lights as part of my new year's resolution, I unclipped one foot and sat down on the top tube of my bike. I watched a guy pull up on a fixie across the street, ease around a car waiting at the light, and do a track stand, waiting for a break in traffic. There was no real break, as it was about 8:30 and Logan was packed with people driving downtown to work. So the guy ended up hanging onto this trackstand for the full length of the light.
The trackstand: Definitely faster, less loss of momentum, easier to bust through red lights when there's an opportunity
Sitting on the top tube: Definitely slower, total loss of any momentum, definitely more comfortable
I'm thinking installing a thick foam pad on my top tube might be a nice idea. Not because it's a fixie, just because I'm lazy and like to sit down during my strenuous commute.