DC News and Some Charming Nostalgia
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I was riding back from yoga last night (the new instructor wasn't nearly as good, I had a harder time "turning the antenna inward" than usual) when I saw something cheerful. New bike lanes on 14th Street North of Columbia Heights! Of course the new stuff is strange in that it discontinues for arguably the busiest section of Columbia Heights between Newton and U streets, but at least it feels like somebody is thinking about cyclists over at city hall. So have hope, maybe we'll see some of the promised network expansions this summer.
I was forwarded this charming video, and couldn't help thinking that Amtrak, Denver RTD and other transit agencies could take a great lesson from what the Brits were doing in 1955 to encourage bicycle touring... dedicated cars with "rubberised hooks". Of course, to update, transit agencies should keep in mind the growing number of multi-modal commuters and provide a standing car you can ride in with these hooks.
I know this movie is somewhat staged, but nevertheless, it amazes me how much more organized this ride is than anything I've ever seen as a rider. Great to see that a lot of the things we are advocating for these days (towns that embrace density, trains that take bikes) are nothing new, just re-discovered.

Have a great weekend folks!

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