A Novelty Act
0 comment Sunday, September 21, 2014 |
As I was riding home last night during rush hour, up 17th toward Capitol Hill, I was expecting to be greeted with anger and resentment. Since the shoulder of the road was packed with snow, I had to take an entire lane, making me a prime outlet for pent up rush hour hostilities. But much to my surprise, no one tried to run me off the road. Instead, they gave me puzzled looks, pointed and laughed.
I pulled up next to a bus at a red light, and the driver immediately opened up his window and said "What the hell are you doing out here in this weather?".
While riding up 16th, only a few blocks away from home, a man standing at a bus stop decided to interrogate me as well. "Are you crazy? You are going to get yourself killed!" This statement perplexed me, seeing as 16th (including the bike lane), was cleared of snow. Instead of responding, I just shrugged and kept riding.
The reactions that I received really made me think. I wonder why it is considered crazy to ride a bike in bad weather, but not crazy to drive a car.
Maybe I should start knocking on car windows and asking if the drivers are crazy whenever it snows.

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