Unsolicited Advice
0 comment Monday, August 18, 2014 |
Just as I was leaving work today, a Porsche 911 was blocking my progress onto Wynkoop. There was a woman behind it trying to push it out of the gutter, and a guy sitting in the driver's seat fiddling with the ignition. Now I'm no expert on Porsches, but I can tell you that if you didn't roll start it coming down the ramp of the parking garage, you aren't going to fire it up by having your wife push it while you turn the key.
I decided to offer them some sage advice:
"You should get one of these [pointing at my bike]. They're way more reliable."
The guy was in no mood for humor, or good advice, and he just glared at me as I spun off down Wynkoop on a pleasantly snowy commute.