Things I carry, part IV
0 comment Thursday, July 31, 2014 |
I met up with Will tonight as he was kind enough to offer his brain in the name of science. I was sharing with him the joys of my new messenger bag and all of the delightful things I get to carry around now that I have this Gigantic Bag. I thought I might share:
Here's what I managed to fit (with room to spare):
1. Sigg water bottle
2. Coffee Mug
3. Bike repair kit
4. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (manuals; pencils; blocks to play with and timer)
5. Little bag of toiletries
6. iPod
7. Sunglasses case with sunglasses, eyeglasses case with spectacles
8. Fork
9. Toothbrush
10. Pencil case
11. Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans (yeah!)
12. Harness, locking carabiner, reverso
13. Climbing shoes, chalk bag
14. FREE rope from the nice guy at the DU climbing gym
15. Cognitive Assessment Folder
16. Legal Pad
17. Wonder Woman Day Planner
18. Deodorant (it's getting warm out, eh?)
Not pictured: U-Lock (U-Lock it, U-Leave it DU policy), cell phone and all the treats that Will and I ate during the tests I ran on him.
Pictured but not in bag: My dog's stinky butt (could probably fit him though!)