Our Good Friend Maynard Crashes
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I just learned that famous bicycling writer and friend of all of us ayobc bloggers, Maynard Hershon, was injured in a bike crash on Monday. Here's my source (Rod is my dad):
This is Maynard's girlfriend writing, Tamar. Maynard was in a bicycle accident yesterday and had to have surgery for a fractured femur. He'll be home from the hospital in a few days but I'm not sure how soon he'll be on the computer. Just wanted to let you know about his lack of response. He'll be in touch soon.
I'll update this post as I learn more, especially if I find out where we can send bags of premium coffee.
Maynard - so sorry to hear this news. If there's anything you need that we fellow cyclists can provide, please let us know. Get well my friend.

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