Josh Barker - Cyclist and All Around Good Guy
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On a ride to Morrison from Denver, Josh Barker takes time out of his 45 mile ride to pull over and help another bike commuter fill up a flat. This guy's tire was full of thorns, but he thought he could get the bike somewhere to buy a tube if he just had a little air in it.
Interestingly, this guy's buddy was given a bike and a combo lock without the combination from Derailer Bicycle in Denver. It took him a week of trial and error, but he finally figured out the combo to make the lock useful. Will and I tried to do the math, but ultimately decided there must have been at least 1000 possibilities.
Josh explains how the scrap yard behind him works. On a good day you can watch cranes use giant magnets and throw cars into the shredder. It's sweet.

Will sets the pace around Bear Creek bike path near Morrison. Josh and I talk about the sandwiches we just ate.

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