Fall is Here - Addendum
0 comment Tuesday, July 1, 2014 |
So one thing Will didn't bring up in his post - whether he forgot, didn't want to steal my thunder, or didn't want to post about my complete lack of technical riding abilities - was the fact that I took a sweet digger on our Labor Day ride.

We were riding one of the downhill sections and were approaching an s-shaped turn. Coming into the turn I actually thought to myself, "you should be fine on this, it's much less loose than when you rode this trail earlier this year" which was something of a lie. I really just wanted to haul ass downhill since I was having so much fun. On the second bank I hit a patch of the pea gravel that litters most of the Buffalo Creek trail and my front wheel decided that traveling perpendicular to my direction of travel was probably its best course of action. I went right over my handlebars and into the gravel, landing on my hip, elbow, and shoulder. My knife was in my pocket because I am a genius, so my hip is pretty sore from having a nice little blunt object to cushion my fall. And then of course there's the massive gash in my elbow.
I didn't let it get me down. This all happened about a third of the way through the ride and I completed the rest without being in too much pain - other than the uphill section through the burn area. It all hit me the day after.
More pics of the ride can be found here.
Here's to Denver commuters avoiding the bummer life.