Denver Bike Commuter Seeks Healthy Expressive Outlet
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Hi. My name is Eric Bunch (if I didn't say that you wouldn't know until the bottom of this post). Will invited me to contribute to the blog due to my new involvement with BikeDenver. I just moved to Denver about six months ago and find that the city is quite agreeable for bike riding. The flat terrain, 300 days of sunshine and endless bike trails (and by endless read: a few hundred miles) make it a bike commuter's heaven. Enough of that.
This is me being a total ham:
From Oscar Party...
More about me. That's what is important, no? Chronicling the nuances and tribulations in the lives of the average utility cyclist?
I moved here from Columbia, MO a college town in the heart of The Show Me State. Has anybody ever been to Columbia? Or Missouri for that matter? Well it doesn't really matter, I'll briefly describe it. Picture Fort Collins with more trees, fewer mountains and sans the awesome breweries. Throw in one of the largest public universities in the country, 90% humidity and the rolling hills of the northern Ozarks and you have Columbia. It's greener too. No not more environmentally friendly... just a lot more of the color green. On the whole, Columbia residents are pretty bike friendly and highly educated. Typical of liberal college towns.
The great thing about riding a bike to and from places in that town was Columbia's size. I lived five blocks from a supermarket and two miles from work. A mile-and-a-half from the rockin' bars ($1.00 cans of Stag for cryin' out loud!) and within easy biking distance of most of my friends' homes. Thus, parties often ensued. College towns are bad for twenty-something college grads.
My move to Denver has re-opened my eyes to the fact that cities can be larger and more involved than twenty square miles of drunken college students. I still live within biking distance of downtown, pubs, work and groceries. However, each of those rides is just a bit longer. I now commute eight miles to work, two miles to the grocery and three miles to downtown night-life. No biggie. I have a dedicated bike path for a lot of my commutes and I don't have to dry my bike shoes over the heat register every night. Soggy shoes and three months of winter cloudiness are two things I will not miss!
My longer commute is actually good because it dampens my wild hipster-like lifestyle I once led. No more nightly visits to local watering holes, midnight concerts or raging house parties. Moving into domesticity is a very good move for the long term. I actually really enjoy living with someone who doesn't smell like a critical mass after-party.
I digress. The reason for my move into a much calmer, more adult lifestyle is pictured below. My girlfriend, Kaitlyn, decided to go to grad school at DU. I hear it's a good school. So I followed.
From Oscar Party...
Kaitlyn likes riding bikes too! She's gonna hate me for posting pictures of her without approval.
Anyway, I haven't blogged about my commuting habits in well over a year. So this will be an interesting exercise in publicizing my lifestyle in a semi-regular manner. We'll see.
Email me with any questions. I probably won't have very good answers.

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